Defending your rights to the fullest.

Whether I am defending a misdemeanor violation or a serious felony offense, I will do everything possible to achieve the best possible result for you.  The sooner you contact my office office, the sooner I can preserve evidence that is routinely destroyed by most police departments within the first 30 days, which could ultimately impact whether you win or lose your case.  I will take a critical look at police conduct to make sure none of your constitutional rights were violated, and if they were, I will fight to get your case dismissed before trial. 

Throughout my career I have handled a range of criminal cases including murder, sexual assault, burglary, theft, retail theft, drug cases (possession and intent to distribute) and other major felonies.  I have also represented clients in a wide range of misdemeanors including theft, cannabis, battery, prostitution, solicitation.  No case is too big or small and I will give each case the utmost attention whether it be a felony, misdemeanor or a municipal violation. 

Expungements are available for those who have received supervision for numerous misdemeanor cases and also certain felony dispositions.  An expungement will clear your name from the court docket and take the charge off of your arrest record, which otherwise could negatively affect your employment opportunities if the charge remained on your record.  For more information on expungements click here.

Free initial consultation.  Payment plans are available upon request.  Major Credit Cards are accepted.