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Drug Cases

Being charged with possession of drugs is a serious matter whether it be a misdemeanor cannabis charge or a felony heroin charge.  If a charge like this goes on your permanent record it could have far reaching effects on your life both socially and in current or future employment.  If you have been charged with any of the following crimes:

Cannabis (Weed, Marijuana, Hashish)

   Possession of Cannabis 720 ILCS 550/4

     • Less than 2.5 grams= Class C Misdemeanor
     • More than 2.5 but less than 10 grams= Class B Misdemeanor
     • More than 10 but less than 30 grams= Class A Misdemeanor
     • More than 30 but less than 500 grams= Class 4 Felony
     • More than 500 grams but less than 2,000 grams= Class 3 Felony
     • More than 2,000 grams but less than 5,000 grams= Class 2 Felony
     • More than 5,000 grams= Class 1 Felony

Possession of a Controlled Substance
720 ILCS 570/402

   • Possession of Cocaine 
   • Possession of Heroin 
   • Possession of Morphine
   • Possession of Methamphetamine 
   • Possession of LSD 
   • Possession of Ecstasy

720 ILCS 570/402 for a complete list of controlled substances
    and potential penalties based on weight

Penalties can range from a supervision for a misdemeanor charge to a conviction and jail time for misdemeanor and Felony possession cases.  If you are a first time offender you may qualify for a deferred prosecution which would result in a dismissal of your case after completing a drug school program.  Some charged with Felony possession may also qualify for either 410 or 710 probation which will ultimately allow you to wipe the case off your record (see expungements) at a later date provided you comply with all the terms of the probation and don't pick up any new cases.

Experience Matters
I have vast experience in the area of criminal defense.  Whether I am defending a misdemeanor violation or a serious felony offense, I will do everything possible to achieve the best possible result for my client.  The ultimate goal in every case I take on is to keep the charge of my client's permanent record if at all possible.  The sooner you contact my office, the sooner we can preserve evidence that is routinely destroyed by most police departments within the first 30 days (booking room video, police dispatch recordings and any other audio or video recordings that may have been made routinely are destroyed after 30 days), which could ultimately impact whether you win or lose your case.  I will take a critical look at police conduct to make sure none of your constitutional rights were violated, and if they were, I will fight to get your case dismissed before a trial could even occur.  With drug cases one of the more common reasons for dismissal of charges is the fact the officers performed an illegal search and seizure, thereby violating your 4th ammendment rights.  I will look very closely at the reasons or alleged reasons you were stopped to determine if this is the case and file the appropriate motions.

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