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Traffic Tickets

Receiving a traffic ticket may seem like a minor inconvenience to many, but it can increase your insurance premiums as well as lead to the suspension of your license if you pick up too many in a specified period of time.  For most, a suspension comes into play after 3 convictions for moving violations in a 12 month period.  Those under 21 who receive 2 convictions for moving violations within 24 months will be suspended.  These are two of the more common reasons individuals have their driver's license suspended.  Other reasons for suspension include:

   • Conviction for Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Insurance
   • Permitted unlawful or fraudulent use of driver's license, ID card or permit
   • Falsified information on any application for a license, ID card or permit
   • Conviction for criminal trespass to a vehicle
   • Conviction for fleeing from a peace officer
   • Conviction for leaving the scene of an accident resulting in damage in excess
      of $1000.00
   • Has received 2 conviction within one year of illegal transportation of alcohol
   • Conviction for possession of cannabis while in physical control of a motor vehicle

For information on what other charges could lead to suspension of your driving privileges please see 625 ILCS 5/6-206

Of course if you are charged with any moving violation where an accident is involved you should seek the services of an attorney to make sure you protect your interests.  I will fight to get your case dismissed and if that is not possible then to mitigate the damages so that you do not receive a suspension.  If your license is already suspended there may still be help available so give my office a call at 773-519-0187.

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