Criminal Defense Attorney Wayne Novak

Recently selected by the National Trial Lawyers as one of the top 100 criminal defense trial lawyers in the state of Illinois, Chicago criminal defense and DUI lawyer Wayne Novak makes personal service his top priority.  Wayne Novak handles criminal, DUI and traffic matters in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.  With over ten years of experience, he has defended DUI and criminal cases since beginning his legal career, successfully defending cases others said could not be won.  As a criminal defense attorney, Wayne Novak has represented clients in Cook, Lake, Will, DuPage and many other surrounding counties.  If you are looking for a Chicago DUI defense lawyer or a Chicago area criminal defense lawyer that has extensive trial practice with DUI and criminal cases look no further.  It is Chicago DUI attorney Wayne Novak‚Äôs belief that even though most DUIs and criminal cases do not go to trial, they all should be treated as if they were.  This puts you in the best possible position to avoid not only jail but any other serious repercussions.

Experience Matters in DUI and Criminal Defense

Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Wayne Novak has vast experience in the area of criminal defense.  Whether he is defending a misdemeanor violation or a serious felony offense, Criminal Defense Lawyer Wayne Novak will do everything possible to achieve the best possible result for his client.  The ultimate goal in every case, be it a DUI or a felony criminal charge is to keep the charge off your permanent record if at all possible.  The sooner you contact Chicago criminal defense lawyer Wayne Novak, the sooner he can preserve evidence that is routinely destroyed by most police departments within the first 30 days (booking room video, police dispatch recordings and any other audio or video recordings that may have been made, routinely are destroyed after 30 days), which could ultimately impact whether you win or lose your case.  Criminal defense Attorney Wayne Novak will take a critical look at police conduct to make sure none of your constitutional rights were violated, and if they were, he will fight to get your case dismissed before a trial would even occur. If you expect personal service and a commitment to excellence at an affordable rate, give DUI and Chicago criminal defense attorney Wayne Novak a call to schedule a free consultation.  He can be reached during the day and evenings at 773-519-0187 or anytime at [email protected]